The human figure is the nucleus of Raffaello’s work and the natural proportions of the human body are a continual source of inspiration for him. Each piece owes its beautiful form to his pursuit of realistic representation. His forte is portraiture: he is meticulous about modelling from life which enables him to capture the facial form, a myriad of expressions and consequently the personality of his subject. This is the secret behind the expressive nature of his works. Raffaello has always had a special affinity with art, he nourished his eyes with the examples of his ancestors and breathed the air of a studio as a child, in contact with the sculptors whose ideas and knowledge he gathered. He went on to undertake
classical training from Charles H. Cecil in Florence, where he mastered the technique of drawing and sculpting from life. Today the ancient family studio at Borgo San Frediano is under his care, a place of work and inspiration. Here he gives life to his personal projects and receives his international clients. His works ranging from bronze limited editions to being carved by hand out of marble. Today he teaches courses of sculpture allowing a continuity of the technique and knowledge acquired in the family and in his experiences allowing the aspiring sculptors to learn the skills necessary for the creation of a work.