The youngest of the family artists, Vincenzo inherited a natural talent for sculpting. He has been in contact with art from a very young age, admiring the works of his ancestors and developing a special sensibility for modeling. He received his classical training from Charles H. Cecil Studio, where he learned the technique of drawing and sculpting from life. He has also mastered the bronze casting technique, during a stint working for a foundry. Vincenzo is well versed in all phases of his chosen artistic path, and is personally involved at every stage of every single piece he creates, from clay modelling, to creating the negative mould, to working the wax and creating the patina. Vincenzo’s sculptures are carved in marble or cast in bronze as limited editions, signed, dated and numbered. Starting initially with human portraiture, Vincenzo was drawn more to animals, finding them more captivating with their varying forms and features. The choice to specialise exclusively in animals is also undoubtedly a consequence of an upbringing in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by the resident wildlife. Vincenzo’s love and respect for nature and wild environments underpin his work; he has a natural empathy with animals and a perceptive eye for capturing expressions and details.