About Us

An authentic Sculpture Studio where the same Family keeps making and trading sculptures after two centuries of activity, blending tradition with contemporary taste. The studio boasts a vast collection of models ranging from classical and Renaissance pieces, to neoclassical and contemporary masterpieces. Among these are Romanelli creations, which form part of an exclusive collection held by the Gallery. Traditional and modern techniques combine to create unique pieces of art: our bronzes are cast according to the ‘lost-wax’ method and accurately chiselled; our marble sculptures are hand carved out of the finest Carrara Marbles. The inhouse sculptor is Raffaello Romanelli, who represent the 5th generation of Romanelli sculptors down the male line. He works on personal pieces and supervise the creation of every product that comes out of the studio. Clients are welcome to discuss bespoke projects and have advice on finest solutions. The Gallery caters for art lovers, collectors, architects and designers searching for unique artworks. The Studio opens its doors to all visitors interested in learning the sculpting techniques. Short courses, bespoke projects and family workshops are offered for students and visitors alike.


1. Commissions
2. Sale of original sculptures
3. Replicas from the Gallery’s Collection
4. Sculpture Restoration
5. Sculpting courses
6. Venue Hire